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Services We Offer

Sharing life teachings of earth, culture, and spirit is at the very heart of what we do.

By partnering with skilled facilitators, Tara's Meadow provides a wide variety of services to individuals and groups looking to expand their horizons. All services on Beaver Island come with the opportunity to stay at one of our beautiful lodging sites: the Geodesic Dome in the woods, the Amish-built Meadow Cabin, or local campsites.

Experiences are hosted, supported, or offered in partnership with Tara’s Meadow and are facilitated by third party contractors.

Wisdom Studies



Island Tours

Beaver Island is the largest most remote inhabited island in Lake Michigan. It is an ecological and historical treasure, featuring Irish, Mormon, and Anishinaabe history as well as 6 beautiful inland lakes and every ecosystem found in Michigan. Seamus Norgaard is a talented, official tour guide for the Island. He has decades of experience unfolding the mystery and magic of the Island for Tara’s guests and all visitors.


Choose Your Adventure

Invite us to help co-create with you an island adventure of your choosing. We can guide you to its most secret places, by bike or by foot, by kayak or by car. The Island’s mysteries await!


Solo Nature Experiences

Seeking a solo experience in Nature's embrace? We can hold space for you in a special place in Nature of your choosing, in the deepest quietude and beauty Beaver Island has to offer. Afterward, we can help you interpret your solo experience if you wish.

Life Coaching

Life Thresholds

"Life thresholds" are those significant turning points in our lives. They often begin with a crisis or loss: a death, divorce, job change, or a feeling of just being lost on your life path. Though challenging, our life thresholds are natural platforms for positive change, and Seamus Norgaard employs a variety of tools to help you navigate them in fruitful and empowering ways.

Relationship Mentoring

There is no better place to trace your spiritual development than in relationship with others. You will discover your deepest shadows and sadness, experience your greatest joy and acceptance, and learn powerful nonviolent communication skills on this path of the conscious heart.

Spiritual Mentorship

Every choice leads to learning, every path leads to peace. Share in this non-judgmental space where we witness together the shadow and light of your journey, and the harvest of its teachings and blessings.

Ceremony & Community-Building

Host Your Ceremonies & Celebrations With Us

We have officiated over a dozen small weddings and held space for those unique ceremonies that mark the seasons and honor our important life passages.

Community Building & Creating The Small Group Process

By teaching appropriate ceremony, effective nonviolent communication skills, and developing wholeness, fulfillment, and balance in our key meetings, we help clubs and organizations grow. We help you develop tools for harmonious and effective ways of working as teams and in community together.

Create Your Own Unique Retreat

Recharge your mind, body, and spirit with a guest sojourn, a different kind of vacation that is customized to meet your needs. Choose from a variety of soul-regenerating services and pair them with a stay at one of our beautiful lodging spaces. 



Seamus demonstrated great compassion and understanding, as well as skill in clarifying a particular issue. He patiently tolerated the unfolding of my awareness and inner struggles, and was accepting of my confusion and discomfort. He enthusiastically shared his wisdom and strategies, such as the 3-fold Path.

Susan, Occupational Therapist

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