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Beaver Island
Sustainability Fair

A free, annual event celebrating the island's resilient community, culture, & environment

The annual Beaver Island Sustainability Fair showcases the progress, successes, and “champions” of the three sustainability pillars of the Beaver Island Sustainability Initiative (BISI): local foods, clean, smart energy, and ecological & cultural resilience. We honor what Islanders and our mainland partners have been doing—and what plans are in the works—to create and support these key facets of sustainability.

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Local Foods


Clean, Smart Energy


Ecological & Cultural Resilience

9th Annual Beaver Island Sustainability Fair


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About the BI Sustainability Fair

Beaver Island Sustainability Fair (BISF) is an annual, free event open to all islanders and mainland guests, which features regional green vendors, sustainable technology, arts, music, environmental action, and education from individuals and organizations involved in local sustainability efforts.


Tara’s Meadow has been involved with BISF since its humble beginnings, and in 2019 we stepped in to fill the role as a dependable organization to fundraise and coordinate for the Fair. Since that time, we’ve increased the Fair’s attendance as well as the breadth and depth of programming.


We've also enlisted support from numerous individuals and organizations both on and off Island. We'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the following organizations for their support: 

  • Charlevoix County Community Foundation

  • Great Lakes People Fund

  • Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities

  • Beaver Island Association

  • Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

  • Michigan EGLE

  • GVSU Environmental Studies Field School


Lake Michigan Wave Energy Research & Wave Generator Prototype Demonstration

University of Michigan

Clean Energy Forum & Energy Transitions Prize Community Input Session
National Renewable Energy Lab & Pacific Northwest National Laboratories

Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Ecological Impact Study
GVSU Environmental Studies Field School

Traditional Anishinaabe Feast with Whitefish, Wild Rice, & Frybread
Harris/Kenwabikisi Family

Urban Grazing Garden Tours; Raised Bed Hoop Garden Demonstrations

Islanders; Holistic management educator Larry Dyer

Dark Sky Viewing, Music, Stories, & Reading
Beaver Island Dark Sky Initiative


  • What is Tara's Meadow's role in the sustainability fair?
    Tara's Meadow was one of the original founding organizations of the Beaver Island Sustainability Fair (BISF) and now serves as the main coordinator and fiduciary. Our staff and volunteer board have played a huge role in growing the fair and maintaining its success year after year.
  • I'm interested in becoming a featured speaker or programming partner. How do I find out more?
    Excellent! Please contact Sally Wagoner at and she will be in touch with you about your programming ideas or other ways to get involved.
  • I'm interested in becoming a vendor and/or having a table at the fair. How do I find out more?
    Fantastic! Please contact Sally Wagoner at to talk about vendor/tabling possibilities.

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Virtual Webinars on Local Foods and Clean Energy

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