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Make an Impact

Become a mentor, engage with islanders as an intern, or partake in other volunteer opportunities with Tara's Meadow

Internships & Research Opportunities

At 55.8 square miles, Beaver Island it is the largest island in Lake Michigan and the third largest island in the state after Isle Royale and Drummond Island. Most of the island is managed as part of the Beaver Islands State Wildlife Research Area: 23,154 beautiful acres of diverse ecosystems overseen by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


The Beaver Island Archipelago is a goldmine for field studies on biology and ecology, and students have also utilized the island to gain experience with sustainability initiatives, climate adaptation, nonprofit management, community outreach, history, and culture. Tara's Meadow can work with academic advisors or students on an individual basis to craft unique experiences tailored to your learning needs. 



As a student and graduate, Sara Millies-Lucke selected Beaver Island for her research and completed her thesis on renewable energy, observing that rural areas are often left out of the sustainability conversation. 

Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorships are a valuable part of living in community. Now more than ever, both our youth (Generation Z) and our older generations need sources of connection and togetherness. Become a mentor or "mentee" with Tara's Meadow, and take time to share your life's challenges, values, compassion, and company with others in an authentic, co-teaching experience.

We take inquiries for both parties: for "elders," those of us who would like to offer support and advice to younger folks, and for potential mentees who could stand to benefit from connection, experience, and a listening ear. 



Kerri and Seamus both offer their time as mentors to youth interested in sustainability initiatives.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to get involved with community betterment and ecological restoration efforts Tara's Meadow is involved in, both on Beaver Island and on the mainland.


Past volunteer opportunities have included: 

  • Setting up booths and tech at the Sustainability Fair

  • Social media and marketing for Tara's Meadow and the Sustainability Fair

  • Protecting natural resources and native species

  • Helping to install infrastructure, like solar panels

  • Working with Beaver Island Community School

Gardening Equipment


Our past volunteers loved spending time on the island supporting local food systems, healthy ecosystems, and climate resilience. 

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