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PROGRAM ONE: THE WISDOM OF THE GRAIL AND YOUR LIFE PATH During this powerful 5-session program you’ll explore your own "Grail Life Passages" and find wisdom and guidance through the ancient grail tales of your ancestors. Using a wonderful blend of storytelling, shamanic journeywork, journaling, and creative conversation you’ll discover how these wisdom tales can shine light into your life today. This is a powerful sequence of sessions, that moves us around the wheel of our lives, shows us who we really are, and helps us step into "our larger selves" as heroes and heroines along this life path. Five Session Outline: 1) Intro: All Heroes on the Path 2) The Quest Begins 3) The Great Wound 4) Women of the Wells 5) Cup of Healing, Cup of Love PROGRAM TWO: "THE 3-FOLD PATH" The 3-Fold Path is both old AND new: its a very simple toolkit for life. It’s a fresh river of wisdom flowing from many ancient roots. It comes with a short and simple little practice – one that compliments rather than replaces what you already know, do, and believe in about your life. It is lightweight, easy to carry along, and just might enhance your ability to work through the challenges that life brings your way. As part of the Path you will learn some very simple primal meditative postures that evoke life’s 3 primal energies: “Affinity, Intention, and Awareness” (or lovingness, willfulness, and mindfulness). The postures can help us from “getting stuck in our heads” as we move to resolve a life issue or problem. They are effective for relieving panic and stress, and can help us restore balance in our lives. Or they can simply be for centering, calming, and giving gratitude as we greet our day. The 3-fold path works well with most spiritual traditions or science-based belief systems. Its triple spiral balance of life energies is found implicitly, or outright in the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and the ancient druidic sciences and earth spirituality of the Celts as well as others. The meditation part of it is simple, and can be done by most anyone who can lie on the earth or floor and move their limbs, in just a few minutes of their day.

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