Body Prayers and Meditation

Cultivate your body, mind and spirit

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Beaver Island

Service Description

Celtic Body Prayers® offer us a fresh new path for restoring balance in our lives. Utilizing gentle movement-meditations, ecology and verse, shamanic healing and the deep wells of native and contemporary wisdom, the Body Prayers® Arts can help us cultivate our bodies, minds and spirits together in one graceful daily practice. First Introduced by Seamus Mullin-Norgaard in 1995 and featured prominently in his annual Beaver Island, Michigan retreat, Celtic Body Prayers® is a unique, healthful exercise and meditation art. Utilizing recited sacred earth poetry, Celtic Body Prayers® is a new approach to balancing body with gentle exercise, mind with meditation and spirit with prayer. By once again giving voice and movement to the ancient poetry of the heavens, the elements and Creation, Celtic Body Prayers® offers us a rich new daily practice for celebrating the health and beauty of ourselves and our environment. Body Prayers® are unique for their wide breath of resources and cultural inspirations. Seamus has skillfully blended his background in contemporary ecology (M.S. in environmental studies) and the movement meditation arts (yoga, T'ai Chi, Qi Gong), along with the sacred wisdoms traditions of the diverse cultures he has studied or lived amongst (notably the Native Irish and Native Americans). In Body Prayers® the breadth of knowledge and respect for the global traditions is inclusive rather than exclusive, honoring Christianity, Buddhism, Native American Spirituality, and most notably the Sacred Earth Ways of the Celts. Drawing from these diverse backgrounds Seamus is able to tailor a healthful daily practice of movement meditations, exercise and spiritual affirmations sensitive to a wide range of beliefs and backgrounds. Come explore the Celtic Body Prayers® Arts for a new ecology of health, grace, and spirit. Celtic Body Prayers® movements, based on nature's creatures, mysteries, elements and plants, include... The Deer's Cry - a simple, graceful morning prayer based on St. Patrick's Lorica. The Wizard's Dance - sheer poetry in motion, a slow dance that breathes shape and fire into the ancient Song of Amergin. The Tree Lorica - A gentle exercise of one's legs, back and trunk involving the spirit of the trees.

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  • Beaver Island, MI, USA